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The Best Kind of Tradition A Guide on the Khao Lak Market

August 1, 2019
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

As one of Thailand’s most prominent and critically-acclaimed attractions, the country’s large assortment of markets are seen as rich hotpot of all things definitively Thai. With offerings that include almost everything from food to fashion, tourists and locals alike can find anything that suits their tastes when going around various markets without having to come across the same stall twice. Aside from the large amount of options found in Thailand’s markets, the sheer average size of the assorted unique marketplaces is a noteworthy feature that amazes anyone who comes across them, especially in the bigger parts of the country.

As incredible as the country’s market scene is, there’s just one problem that comes along if you look hard enough: there are SO MANY of them. If you ask a local where the market is, they may point you in a completely-different direction compared to what the last person that you asked told you. This just goes to show that there are an immense number of markets in any given area within the country. While it may be easy to get lost when trying to find a single marketplace by just simply asking “where’s the market?”, there is one marketplace that is known by all and confused by none for another: Khao Lak Market.

The stunning Khao Lak Markets are one of Thailand’s most well-known tourist landmarks, just right after the Golden Buddha and the country’s assorted clean and pristine white sand beaches. Situated right across the famous Tsunami Boat Memorial, the Khao Lak markets are home to thousands of vendors and entrepreneurs pushing their products and offering a wide variety of options for locals and tourists alike to choose from.

A guide on the different areas of the Khao Lak market
To get to know the Khao Lak market better, here are some different smaller markets that make up the overall maze of markets that you might want to visit:

The Bang Niang Market

As the older tourist market around, the Bang Niang Market has attracted tourists and has catered to locals for the longest period of time. The historic market is located within a walking distance from Ramada Khao Lak Resort and held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. It presents visitors with a whole array of options ranging from cloth, to souvenirs, to vegetables, and a whole lot more. However, the star of the Bang Niang Market is its seemingly-endless street food options. Visitors can try anything from classic Thai desserts, to the well-known sugarcane juice. They can even test their bravery and take a bite of crickets, scorpions, and frog’s legs!

Khu Khak Market
The Khu Khak fruit and vegetable market is a large marketplace where people and restaurants can purchase fruit, vegetables, and different kinds of meat. If there’s anything to specifically know about this part of Khao Lak, it’s that you can truly immerse yourself in the life of a local and view everything from a native’s standpoint in terms of buying everyday groceries.

The Build Market
Taking it name from that fact that it’s found right next to a nightclub called “The Build”, The Build market is a smaller version of the Bang Niang Market that’s held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. In The Build Market, you can find anything from food stands to cloth, but it’s best known for the establishments that set up shop within the space and have a large amount of unique handcrafted offerings to choose from.

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