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5 Great Ways to Plan a Romantic Beach Getaway with your Partner

December 27, 2019
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

If you’ve been dreaming about a romantic beach escape with your partner, it’s about time to materialize that dream. A beach getaway means staring at beautiful landscapes, feeling the sand on your feet and the waves on your skin—what’s not to like? Maybe what your partner needs is a little reminder of how exciting it is to experience a tropical paradise. You can treat your vacation as an adventure by snorkeling or surfing. You can also focus on relaxing by chilling by the beach or dancing the night away.

We listed below five best ways to plan a beach getaway with your partner. Read on to find out how to finally convince your loved one that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.


1.Involve your partner in the planning stage.

Get your partner on the same boat with you by planning your activities together. Try to make your partner as involved with the itinerary as possible. List down what food and drinks you want to try and the activities you want to do. Try to fit your activities within the timeframe of your vacation to make sure that you covered everything.


2.Read about travel stories together.

Planning about your travel can be as romantic as the actual days of vacation. You can read about travel stories together with your partner and see your individual comments and reactions. You’ll find out more about each other’s preferences.

Does your partner love night swimming or day swimming? What kind of water adventures are you willing to try? You can also enjoy watching travel blogs together. These videos are fun to watch, at the same time, you’ll learn so much more by watching than simply reading.


3.Include as many locations as possible.

To make your travel more romantic, try to visit as many locations as possible. Different locations, such as islands or lagoons, can provide more opportunities for you to bond with your partner. You will also see more breathtaking sights together.


4.Take the time to commune with nature.

When you book a stay in a beachfront paradise, spend time communing with nature with your partner. By simply looking at the beach landscape together, you’ll immediately feel thankful for having someone to share the moment with. You can also go walking by the shore or up to some rocks by a rocky overlooking cliff.


5.Show concern for each other’s health and safety.

Going on a vacation can be physically draining and can take a toll on your health. It will be an excellent time to show each other how much you care. Simple gestures can go a long way, such as reminding each other to drink water to stay hydrated.

During your stay at the beach, you can put sunscreen on each other to prevent sun damage. Stay healthy by watching what you and your partner eat. Keep in mind that you are in an unfamiliar place. Therefore, you need to check whether you might be sensitive to some of the food.



To make sure that everything goes smoothly and stress-free, make the preparations ahead of time. Make the most out of every moment and enjoy each other’s company. Truly, a beach getaway is the perfect time to make more memories with your partner that will last a lifetime.

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