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4 Therapeutic Benefits of Going on a Beach Vacaction

November 29, 2019
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

In this fast-paced world where people are rife with stress in the city, busy-goers are in search of excuses to pack up their bags and hit the beach. Now you have one: doctors have been prescribing beach therapy as early as the 18th century.

Sipping margaritas with a view of the palm-infringed beach and a backdrop of calm, ocean waves is universally unwinding, but it’s so much more than being an Instagrammable vacation to remember. Even the salty breeze brings a cascade of health benefits, and there are scientific backings that support the notion of taking a weekend getaway to avoid burn-out.

In that sense, below are reasons you should recharge your brain in any sandy, oceanside paradise you can fly off to.

Benefit #1: Going to the Beach is an Excellent Stress-Buster

People are in a stressful routine of juggling work, personal responsibilities, and daily demands. Too much of it can slow down the body from recharging itself, while an anxious-driven mind may be stuck in a mental sinkhole that further deepens feelings of distress.

That’s why going to the beach often feels freeing – the scenic view, heart-warming sun, and refreshing winds are enough to unload the burden from your shoulders. On a scientific note, even seawater has anxiolytic properties from magnesium, which effectively soothes the body and calms even the busiest minds.

Benefit #2: Going to the Beach Boosts Happiness and Satisfaction

Leaving work behind and hitting the beach gives people the chance to slow down from the daily grind. Apart from being temporarily free from responsibilities, the picturesque surroundings are highly stimulating as it invites new sightings, smells, and experiences.

These refreshing events rewire your stressed-out brain, which lures people into a meditative state along with a significant boost in mood. Seawater can also help normalize blood pressure and calm the nerves, both of which contribute to the encompassing relaxation you feel after a day at the beach.

Benefit #3: Going to the Beach is Relaxing… Literally

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of the ocean waves, and as it turns out, it’s because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. PNS transmits a positive signal to the body, which triggers hormones that decrease the heart rate and blood pressure. Combined with the surrounding blue color as far as the eyes can see, it creates the ultimate unwinding experience.

Benefit #4: The Salty Breeze is Refreshing in Every Way

It can be difficult to breathe in the air in urban settings as the environment feels heavy and convoluted. Going to the beach, on the other hand, feels liberating in more ways than one as the ocean breeze opens up your lungs. Unlike the city, the air on the beach has negative ions that contribute to easing the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

In Conclusion

Taking a break from your routine and lounging by the beach is no longer just a picture of relaxation. As science says, it’s healthy for the mind and body, too! So when you’re off to your next tropical destination, you know that the crashing waves, powdery white sand, and the long stretch of the ocean will relax you, literally.

Ramada is a beachfront resort based in Khao Lak, book your stay with us for a memorable vacation.

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