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Khao Sok’s Cheow Lan Lake – A Kayaking Paradise

December 6, 2019
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

Cheow Lan Lake and Khao Sok National Park are two of Southern Thailand’s tourist gems. These places are easily accessible from Khao Lak, and organizers often initiate several tours to the lake. While these attractions are no longer hidden gems, you can still enjoy Cheow Lan Lake with lesser crowds than in Songkhla Lake. However, aside from its stunning views, kayaking through this off-beat destination will complete your experience.

The history of the lake

Cheow Lan Lake came into existence in 1982 when the construction of the Ratchaprapha Dam flooded nearby valleys and wiped out nearby houses, temples, and schools. There were more animal casualties than rescues in the succeeding retrieval operations. However, while its creation was devastating at first, organizations and nearby communities have kept this haven free from pollution and industrialization. That way, the animal population that got wiped out now thrives due to the constant water source.

Khao Sok kayaking

Paddling through the lake allows you to appreciate its diverse ecosystem that most crowds don’t get to experience. Bird watchers, zoologists, and nature photographers are perfect for this tour through one of the world’s oldest tropical rain forests. Cheow Lan’s surrounding jungle is only accessible through long-tail boats that are wide enough to navigate the narrow waterways.

Stay at a house that floats

Since the kayaking tour will bring you to areas untapped by electricity and paved roads, you will need at least two days to complete a journey around the lake. This itinerary means that you must take a rest on floating raft houses to entirely explore Cheow Lan.

You won’t run out of attractions to see because the dense jungle is home to buffalos and white sock gaurs. You can also spot Asian elephants roaming around at night or hear the sound that Lars gibbons make.

Bird lovers will enjoy this sanctuary because it houses hornbill birds that leave their nests in the morning. Likewise, the lake is home to a variety of freshwater fish that birds feast upon for food. If you’re lucky, you can witness monkeys congregating within the thick forest.

Get a tour guide

It’s easy to get lost in the deep jungle. Because of this, it’s best to stream through the lake with an experienced Khao Lak guide. National park wardens double as tour guides because they can provide details and navigation like no other.

If you’re not into kayaking, there’s also the Hobie Kayak, which requires less effort. This transportation mode is ideal for those who are not well-versed about kayaking because it provides maximum distance with less paddling effort. It is also a unique mode of transportation through the lake because it does not generate much noise when used.

If you are confident of your kayaking skills, however, you can rent an individual kayak for a more flexible way of navigating Cheow Lan. This option works best for nature photographers to buy more time while capturing snapshots of the wild animals that are found within the jungle.

A place to stay after the kayaking trip

Ramada Resort by Wyndham Khao Lak is the perfect retreat after exploring the wonders of the Khao Lak National Park. This beachfront paradise has five room types starting from the Deluxe Oasis to the Pool Villa. You can also get a relaxing massage from their spa or savor delicious cuisine from The Kitchen, Sassi’s Beach Club, and Mellow Bean. Make the most of your experience and book a stay at Ramada Khao Lak now!

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