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3 Things Newcomers Should Know About Khao Lak

January 17, 2020
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

If you’re looking for a destination in Thailand that promises a great vacation without all the hassle and craze of more touristy places, Khao Lak is the place to be. Khao Lak is still considered to be a popular place to visit, and there are so many reasons to explore this beautiful and quiet place. While it might not offer as much as Phuket, it is a place that promises you a good time.

If you’ve never been to Khao Lak before, here are three things you’ll want to know about it:

1. The Tourists

Unlike the other more touristy places in Thailand, Khao Lak enjoys tourists that aren’t too wild you’ll encounter the more laid-back couples just looking for a pleasant and relaxing trip.

2. The Location

You’ll find Khao Lak just 1 hours away from Phuket, which is another popular holiday destination in Thailand.

3. The Attraction

Khao Lak provides some of the best beaches you can find in Thailand. It is one of the main reason’s tourists from around the world visit Khao Lak. That said, the best way you can enjoy the beaches Khao Lak offers is to stay at one of the beach resorts there, including Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak. Not only is the accommodation beautiful, but it helps elevate your beach experience.

Another reason people come to Khao Lak is because of how close it is to one of the most popular tourist destinations: the Similan Islands. These islands are breathtaking. If you’re a big fan of snorkeling or diving or want to explore what the underwater world has to offer, you must visit them.

If you’re looking to stay in Khao Lak itself, do note that there are two main areas that tourists visit: Nang Thong and Bang Niang. Nang Thong has more bars, while Bang Niang has more restaurants, so whether you’re looking for a good meal or some shopping, the choice is up to you., You can go by taxi or rent a bike to get around the two quickly. After all, walking under the heat of the sun or late in the evening might not be the best thing to do, mainly because the two places are two kilometers apart.

To Conclude

If you want to experience the very best of Khao Lak, we highly recommend that you stay in a beachfront resort. It isn’t too expensive if you do enough research, and even the more affordable ones offer a great experience. That said, we hope you enjoy your time in Khao Lak. There’s plenty that awaits you that’ll promise you a great vacation experience.

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