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3 Beautiful Diving Sites in the Similan Islands to Enjoy

January 10, 2020
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

If you’ve been dreaming of getting your feet on powdery white sands while staring into the crystal blue sea, then wait no longer and head for the Similan Islands. This stunning place consists of nine different islands and is the place where you can find Thailand’s famous diving scenes.


The Similan Islands

These islands are especially praised by divers and snorkelers for their beautiful and vibrant life found under the surface of the water. Unfortunately, the islands have been through coral bleaching, meaning that some of the beautiful life underwater has been damaged. Because the islands are considered as a national park, know that much of the coral is closed off from the public, essentially giving them time to heal.


While this might be heartbreaking if you have been looking forward to enjoying the reefs, don’t lose hope just yet! There are still world-class spots on the island that are always open to the public and even offer a stunning underwater experience.


Here are three places you can consider to have an enjoyable diving experience:


1. Boulder City

Boulder city is one of the places you can visit, which is just off the third island. This place, however, will only be suitable for experienced divers, because the dive here is relatively deep. In this city, know that corals populate the surface of large boulders, hence the name, “Boulder City.” Fishes of all types, even larger ones like sharks, can be found to populate the area and be seen all the way to the bottom as well.


2. Koh Bon

If you’re an inexperienced diver, you can head for Koh Bon’s diving spot, which is a small rocky island located in the northern part of the Similan Islands. While the island doesn’t have any actual beach or place to stand on the island, it is home to stunning coral reefs and sea creatures.


Here, you’ll find two diving sites. The more popular diving spot here is in the western area of the island, while other tour agencies will populate the north side instead.


3. East of Eden

If you’re looking for a fantastic experience, a place where most divers would agree is their favorite diving spot, it would be the East of Eden diving site. Here, you’ll discover plenty of soft and hard corals, and the gentle current allows for some great dives.


If you do get a chance to dive here, you would feel like you just jumped into an aquarium, thanks to the stunning beauty that surrounds the site. You’ll also discover turtles on the shallower side of the reef and some sharks along the way.


Although the Similan Islands have experienced an unfortunate coral bleaching, it still holds the title as one of the more luxurious diving experiences. With many spots still available for an enjoyable and memorable dive, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to think of any place to go diving. To that end, as these corals slowly recover, it is hopeful that one day, everyone can enjoy the true beauty of the underwater world of the Similan Islands. Ramada Resort by Wyndham Khao Lak is a beachfront resort based in Khao Lak, book your stay with us for a memorable vacation.

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