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12 Exciting Beach Activities for Kids in Khao Lak – Our Guide

November 15, 2019
Ramada Resort By Wyndham Khao Lak

​It’s holiday time in Khao Lak! The sun is up, and the weather is perfect for exploring the beach. As you walk through the shore and savor the scenery, you can keep your children entertained with activities beyond building sandcastles. Here are 12 suggestions that will help you keep your kids entertained at the beach in Khao Lak.

1. Beach scavenger hunt – Hide treasures around the shore to give the kids an afternoon to remember. Start off with easy-to-find items and provide clues on the location of more precious rewards.

2. Nature tic-tac-toe – You can sketch a playing board in the sand where kids can draw the X’s and O’s using sticks or stones. Reward the winners with simple prizes or create a tournament wherein the grand winner gets a generous prize.

3. Paint a picture of the beach – Why stop at walking around the beach when you can create some art to bring back home? Bring as many art materials as you can and let your kid make sketches of the views around the beach.

4. Create sand animals – Upgrade from typical sandcastles and challenge your young builders to create sea creatures out of the sand. Don’t forget to document this proud moment and give them rewards for completing the activity.

5. Storytelling by the beach – Bring some children’s books and passionately read the story to your young ones. Select beach-themed stories and consider inviting the children nearby to listen as well.

6. Musical towels – You may not have chairs at the beach, but it doesn’t mean that musical chairs cannot push through. Use towels or clothes instead and bring your smartphone with speakers to play music.

7. Search for animal habitats – Turn the beach visit into an outdoor biology classroom by talking about the animal residences that the children can find. Let them point to the sea, the sand, and the grasslands before sharing stories about the animals that live there.

8. Beach ball relay – This game is simple. Have two kids race by the shore while carrying a beach ball using any part of their body except their hands. Place some obstacles along the way to make the game more exciting and challenging.

9. Build a snowman using sand – This may sound confusing, but your kids can use sand toys to build the arms and buckets for hats. You can also ask the children to improvise by looking for building materials around the beach.

10. Host a multi-sport competition – Why stop at an obstacle course when you can also let them play sprint events, beach volleyball, and beach soccer? Kids will love this idea and may beg you to give them more playing time.

11. Fly a kite – Take the advantage of beach wind by letting a kite soar. You can either buy a cheap one or create and design a kite with the kids. Attach as much string as possible so that you can fly it high up into the sky!

12. Sand darts – Draw a dartboard in the sand and let the kids through shells and pebbles to it. The one who can land the marker closest to the center wins. Make sure that you draw the sand darts board further down the sand to avoid getting washed away by the sea.

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